• How Do You Dress Beachy In The Winter?

How Do You Dress Beachy In The Winter?

Last update: 2023-11-28

The cold weather doesn't mean you have to pack away your beachy vibes until summer. With some creative layering and accessories, you can rock a laidback, seaside look even when there's snow on the ground. Here's how to dress beachy all winter long:

Embrace Layers

Layering lightweight materials creates a relaxed, beach-ready look while keeping you warm. Try wearing a thermal or long sleeve tee under a casual button-down or pullover sweater left open. Top it off with a cozy cardigan or jacket.

Outdoor full-length portrait of elegant fashionable woman wearing trendy monochrome beige, brown outfit: beret, dress, faux fur coat, high suede over knee boots, posing in European city

For bottoms, go for leggings under a midi skirt or dress. Leggings peeking out from boots or booties keep the outfit beachy. Pair skinny jeans with riding boots and a oversized sweater. The key is mixing weights and textures.

Rely on the Right Fabrics and Prints

Certain fabrics inherently evoke a coastal vibe. Lightweight cotton, linen, jersey and chambray instantly feel beachy. Stock up on tops and button-downs in these fabrics.

Breezy printed kimonos and dusters in boho prints like paisley and floral feel relaxed and casual over jeans, leggings or dresses. Large, colorful striped sweaters add a nautical twist.

Don't shy away from prints and patterns like geometric, tribal, tie dye and batik, which enhance the laidback look. Just anchor them with neutral solids.

Incorporate Beachy Accessories

Accessories pull the whole beach-inspired winter outfit together. Layer on long, lightweight scarves in cotton, linen or sheer fabrics. Add texture with straw hats, floppy sun hats or fedoras.

Woman in wool yellow cardigan, fedora hat and blue jeans at the beach, new collection, fashionable trend

Wooden, beaded and shell jewelry lend coastal flair. Stacked bracelets, pendant necklaces and dainty anklets epitomize low-key beach beauty. Carry a large leather or straw tote bag for carefree appeal.

Try leather sandals with socks or neutral ankle booties for footwear. The key is keeping a relaxed vibe in the details.

Play with Hair and Beauty

To complement your breezy look, wear your hair down in natural, tousled waves or a loose braid. Add texture with salt spray. Stick to minimal, natural-looking makeup with a moisturizing, dewy finish.

Painted boho nails in pale neutrals, nudes and metallics exude beach goddess beauty. And don't forget the sunscreen - it protects against winter windburn!

Sample Winter Beach Outfits:

  • Beautiful fashion woman in black round hat and leather raincoat near lake. Portrait of a girl at sunset. Beautiful makeup and bright red lipstick on the lips
    Thermal tee, open sweater or flannel shirt, skinny jeans tucked into riding boots, straw bag, long pendant necklace
  • Maxi skirt, tall boots, leggings peeking out, slouchy fisherman sweater, beanie
  • Printed wrap dress, light scarf, ankle booties, floppy sunhat
  • Linen button-down under chunky sweater, leggings, booties, beaded bracelets
  • Jersey t-shirt dress, denim jacket, knit socks with sandals, crossbody bag


What colors work for a beachy winter look?

Neutrals like white, cream, tan, gray and black make breezy staples for winter. Incorporate pops of ocean blues, deep greens or metallic and earth tones.

What fabrics should you avoid?

Steer clear of thick woolens, heavy knits and water-resistant technical fabrics. Stick to lightweight, breathable materials.

How do you keep warm in a beachy outfit?

The key is layering - add long underwear, thermal tees, tights and socks under breezy lightweight layers. Throw on cozy open cardigans, ponchos and jackets.

Should you wear white in the winter?

Absolutely! Crisp whites paired withneutral tonescreate a perfect beachyvibe. Just avoid silk or linen whites prone to stains. Opt for sturdy cottons.

What shoes work best?

Ankle boots, riding boots, tall boots, booties, loafersand leather sandals keep a relaxed vibe. Try socks with sandals. Espadrilles also work in milder climates.


With creative layering, breathable fabrics and boho accents, you can totally rock a beach-inspired look in the winter. The key is mixing laidback pieces like breezy tops, lightweight scarves and neutral ankle boots. Pay attention to textures, prints and details for a seamless seaside style even when there's snow on the ground. Don't pack away your beach wardrobe - incorporate it all winter with these chic, cozy tips.

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